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Women's medical lab coats

Discover lab coats
in a completely new way.
Beautiful cuts, unique colours
and practical features to change your look.

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Size / Variant:
Type of fastening:
Women's Maevn Momentum Mid (elastic) lab coat
43.00 €
Women's Maevn Momentum Short (elastic) lab coat
43.00 €
Women's Maevn Momentum Long (elastic) lab coat
45.00 €
Women's Maevn Momentum Consultation (elastic) lab coat
45.00 €
Women’s Cherokee Project lab consultation coat (elastic)
31.00 €
Women’s Cherokee Project lab coat (elastic)
34.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Short Tab-Waist lab coat (elastic)
31.00 € 50.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Consultation lab coat
24.00 € 38.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Perfection lab coat
26.00 € 45.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Tab-Waist lab coat (elastic)
38.00 € 53.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Snap lab coat (elastic)
31.00 € 53.00 €
Women’s Maevn Smart Classic lab coat (elastic)
38.00 €
Women’s Maevn Smart Classic 3/4 sleeve lab coat (elastic)
38.00 €
Women’s Sunrise Uniforms lab coat
17.00 €
Sunrise Uniforms unisex mortuary coat
18.00 €
Women’s Maevn Smart 3/4 (elastic) lab coat white
43.00 €
Women’s Maevn Smart 3/4 (elastic) lab coat navy
43.00 €
Women’s Maevn Smart 3/4 sleeve lab coat (elastic) pewter
43.00 €
Women’s Sunrise Uniform’s lab coat with long sleeves
25.00 €
Women’s Maevn Red Panda long lab coat
34.00 €
Women’s Maevn Red Panda 3/4 sleeve lab coat
31.00 €
Women's Sunrise Uniforms collar lab jacket
24.00 €
Women's Sunrise Uniforms stand-up collar lab jacket
24.00 €
Women’s Sunrise Uniforms lab coat
25.00 €

A lab coat is a basic element of the doctor’s attire. At Uniformshop, you will find both women’s coats and unisex items that will give you a professional look and ultimate comfort at work. The lab coats that we offer are perfect for doctors, nurses, lab technicians, beauticians, hairdressers and many more. All the products at Uniformshop are made of the best quality materials with reinforced seams, which makes our clothes durable and long-lasting.

Stylish women’s lab coats

Thanks to the perfect cut, you will always look elegant and stylish while wearing our nurse coats or beauty salon coats. Our scrub coats have a practical design with buttons and pockets (also for a smartphone and with a pen slot). The uniform coats that we offer are characteristically durable while giving you full freedom of movement, which is extremely important for all healthcare professionals.

Lab coats for students

For medical and science students, a lab coat is simply a must-have. This layer of protective wear is necessary during lab classes and practical exercises. At Uniformshop, you can order lab coats as well as hair stylist apparel in any size you need up to XL. If you need a higher size, simply let us know and we’ll order or sew a special coat just for you. At Uniformshop, you can count on quick delivery and affordable prices for lab coats.

Nursing coats

A nurse on duty simply needs to wear a coat that covers a dress or another piece of medical clothing. The coat may be zipped, buttoned or in another design. A nurse coat is usually white, pale blue or light green: the colour depends on the hospital or clinic which may have its own strict rules concerning the dress code. After all, it’s a part of your professional image.

Coats for nurses must be breathable and comfortable. They should have pockets where you can keep your necessities at hand. We realise that the profession of a nurse is very demanding in terms of not only knowledge and experience but also physical fitness: every day, you need to lean over, hunker down or speed somewhere, so a comfortable nurse coat is a must in your work. If you have frequent contact with the youngest patients in your work, you can leave strict rules behind and look for clothes with funny and colourful patterns that will break the ice between you and the child and make it easier to run the necessary procedures.

Original lab coats and hairdresser uniforms

At Uniformshop, you will find lab coats and hairdresser uniforms that are characterised by their unique style and aesthetics. The models that we offer come in numerous colour options: white, navy blue, black, pink, orange, turquoise, red, grey, cherry or blue. Thanks to this variety, every person who works in healthcare or in the hair and beauty sector will find a perfect lab coat.

Who are our lab coats for?

Lab coats are usually worn by doctors, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists and students of medicine (during their university classes or training practice). Normally, professionals wear classic white lab coats: this colour builds the image of seriousness and prestige and it’s a symbol of cleanliness.
Lab coats are also used by dentists to protect their workwear from stains and to meet the requirements of the hospital or clinic concerning the uniform dress code. Dental lab coats differ in length and other parameters. They are available in a number of colours: grey, navy blue, pistachio or green. Thanks to this wide choice of colours, they can be also worn by professionals from outside the health sector. Beauty salon coats are a great example: they protect other clothes from stains that could be made with cosmetics and other substances used on the customer’s skin. Thanks to the coat, you will look tidy and professional in all circumstances. Medical lab coats can also be worn as hairdressing coats, as they protect hairdressers, hair stylists and make up artists from getting dirty with hair dyes, mousses and other cosmetics.

How to choose the right lab coat for you?

If you’re looking for the best women’s or men’s lab coat for yourself, pay attention to the fabric: it should be very durable. What’s more, make sure you choose the size and cut that fits your body best. Coats for nurses, doctors and dentists differ in length, collar finishing, the number and location of pockets and other important features. If you’d like to learn more about this, read our tips on the key factors to take into consideration when choosing a lab coat.

How to take care of your lab coat?

Every lab coat, be it for doctors or hairdressers, must be given special care to preserve its shape and colour. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations that you can find on the label. This way, you can be sure that you wash, dry and iron your lab coat correctly. As a result, you will make sure that your lab coat remains with you for many years. Looking for some tips on how to get rid of stains? Read more about this on our blog.

How to customise your lab coat?

Do you think that your lab coat looks too simple and there is nothing special about it? Customise it to enhance your professional look and promote your company in a subtle way. All types of lab coats can be decorated with a logotype, name of an organisation, the owner’s name or position – tell us what you need. Have you decided on lab coat customisation? Read this article to learn how to order a customised print or embroidery to enjoy the highest quality of services and a personalised look of your medical clothes.

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