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Men's medical lab coats

A well-cut coat is a necessary part
of every doctor’s or nurse’s wardrobe.
Choose the one that will enhance
your professional look.

Number of products: 12

Size / Variant:
Type of fastening:
Men’s Maevn Momentum Consultation coat (elastic)
45.00 €
Men’s Cherokee Project Lab coat (elastic)
35.00 €
Men’s Cherokee Project Lab Consultation coat (elastic)
31.00 €
Men’s Adar Uniforms Snap Short lab coat (elastic)
41.00 € 50.00 €
Men’s Maevn Momentum Mid lab coat (elastic)
45.00 €
Men’s Maevn Momentum Mid Long lab coat (elastic)
48.00 €
Sunrise Uniforms unisex mortuary coat
18.00 €
Men’s Sunrise Uniforms lab coat
17.00 €
Men’s Maevn Red Panda long lab coat
34.00 €
Men’s Maevn Red Panda lab coat
31.00 €
Men’s Sunrise Uniforms classic lab coat
25.00 €
Universal Maevn Core lab coat
38.00 €

UniformShop offers a wide selection of men’s scrubs coats. They are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials, available in a variety of colours and designs. With this access to a broad range of styles, every healthcare professional will find the right men’s scrubs coat. Men’s coats for nurses and other specialists are available mostly in classic white and in sizes S to XXL.

Comfortable lab coats for doctors and other healthcare professionals

Scrub coats come in different styles: some are shorter, waist-long, while others are longer and cover more of your body. Thanks to that, you can match the coat to your needs and the specific requirements of your work. Men’s lab coats are very comfortable and elegant at the same time to make you look professional and trustworthy during appointments with patients or customers. Doctor’s coats are made of the best textiles that won’t lose their shape and properties even after multiple washes.

Scrubs coats for men often have practical side pockets or a small chest pocket, where you can put your smartphone, prescription pad or other necessities. Some coats also have practical side vents, so you can reach your trousers pockets without unbuttoning or rolling up your lab coat. There are also coats with elegant collars – a timeless feature of a medical uniform. Nursing coats may come with buttons or sturdy press studs. You should pay attention to the seams, too: they need to be strong to make your coat durable and long-lasting.

Coats for pharmacists and other professional accessories

A classic-cut men’s scrubs coat can be easily matched with a men’s scrubs top or men’s scrubs trousers. You can also wear it over your scrubs set to enhance your professional look. To create a complete outfit with a lab coat as the centrepiece, you need comfortable medical shoes – you will find these in our shop as well.
Are you still unsure which men’s scrub coat will suit you best or how to match it with other elements of your medical uniform? Feel free to contact us! We’ll help you choose the best product to meet your expectations, at a competitive price and with timely delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take care of your lab coat?

Men’s lab coats, just like any other coat, should be washed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. To get rid of all the microbes from the fabric, wash it at the highest possible temperature: at best, at 60 degrees Celsius. Make sure to check the washing symbols on the label and use special detergents.

How to choose the best scrubs coat for men?

Adjust your coat to the specifics of your daily work. The type of lab coat you choose will depend on your profession. For instance, mortuary coats are tied at the back, while clinical coats normally have convenient front buttons. The coat’s length should also be adapted to the characteristics of your duties. Knee-long men’s scrub coats are the best when it comes to protection against dirt and soiling. In other cases, though, this aspect is irrelevant and it’s more comfortable to work in a shorter coat.

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