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Women's medical jackets

Are you thinking of a small makeover?
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Number of products: 19

Size / Variant:
Type of fastening:
Women's Maevn Momentum Mid (elastic) lab coat
43.00 €
Women's Maevn Momentum Short (elastic) lab coat
43.00 €
Women's Maevn Momentum Long (elastic) lab coat
45.00 €
Women's Maevn Momentum Consultation (elastic) lab coat
45.00 €
Women’s Cherokee Project lab consultation coat (elastic)
31.00 €
Women’s Cherokee Project lab coat (elastic)
34.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Short Sleeve Consultation lab coat
26.00 € 37.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Short Tab-Waist lab coat (elastic)
41.00 € 50.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Consultation lab coat
31.00 € 38.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Perfection lab coat
31.00 € 45.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Tab-Waist lab coat (elastic)
38.00 € 53.00 €
Women’s Adar Uniforms Snap lab coat (elastic)
38.00 € 53.00 €
Women’s Maevn Smart Classic lab coat (elastic)
38.00 €
Women’s Maevn Smart Classic 3/4 sleeve lab coat (elastic)
38.00 €
Women’s Maevn Smart 3/4 (elastic) lab coat white
43.00 €
Women’s Maevn Smart 3/4 (elastic) lab coat navy
43.00 €
Women’s Maevn Smart 3/4 sleeve lab coat (elastic) pewter
43.00 €
Women's Sunrise Uniforms collar lab jacket
24.00 €
Women's Sunrise Uniforms stand-up collar lab jacket
24.00 €

UniformShop offers a wide range of scrub jackets in many fashionable and comfortable designs. You will find here both scrub jackets with short sleeves and with long sleeves. They will fit your body perfectly, accentuating its shapes. Scrub jackets come with practical chest pockets for small objects as well as larger pockets at the hips. Every jacket has a loop so you can easily hang it. Women’s scrub jackets have a waist cut and press studs, which makes them even more comfortable to wear.

Scrub jackets are made of certified soft fabrics that guarantee incredible comfort of wear all day at work. The models that we offer meet the standards for textiles for healthcare and protective clothing. What’s important, women’s scrub jackets don’t fade or lose their properties after washing.

Women’s scrub jackets

Women’s scrub jackets available in our shop have been designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed even after a long and challenging day at work and help you look professional at any time. All our products are made of special long-lasting materials. We offer affordable scrub jackets in a number of trendy bright colours, such as turquoise, raspberry, purple, Caribbean blue, lime, red, aubergine, black, orange, pink, yellow, dark blue and more. Every doctor, nurse or any other health professional that needs a scrub jacket for work will be delighted with the wide range of cuts and colours.

Short-sleeve scrub jackets

A perfect scrub jacket for women must be functional, airy and comfortable. Our products have press studs and they will fit your body while ensuring freedom of movement at work. Women’s scrub jackets can be easily matched with other elements of women’s medical clothing for professional use, such as women’s scrub trousers or scrub skirts. Choose your scrub jacket and match its colour to your medical shoes to create a comfy outfit for a long and challenging day at work.

Order a cheap scrub jacket

In need of top-quality scrub jackets in a wide range of colours, for yourself or for your medical staff? We offer a huge selection of sizes, up to XL, also available on request. UniformShop gives you competitive prices, discounts, friendly and professional customer service and smooth delivery. If you don’t know which scrub jacket to choose or have any other questions, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you select the best medical clothes that will give you optimum comfort at work.

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