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Your scrubs don’t need to be boring. Choose colours!

Your scrubs don’t need to be boring. Choose colours!

For many years, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals had no choice but to wear simple and plain white scrubs. This has changed recently. Scrub tops, jackets, tunics, dresses, skirts and lab coats come in a dazzling array of fashionable colours and designs. Thanks to this incredibly wide choice, nurses, medical practitioners and lab technicians are able to express their style to look trendy and professional at the same time.

Hospital and clinic dress code

Large public and private healthcare facilities usually have strict dress codes concerning their employees. In many places of this kind, it’s forbidden to wear ordinary clothes, e.g. T-shirts – even under your scrubs. The goal of this approach is to promote workplace cleanliness and hygiene – items of clothing that are brought from the outside may be a source of dangerous pathogens. Another interesting practice frequently applied in hospitals is assigning various colours of medical apparel to indicate that a given employee works at a specific unit of the hospital. For instance, surgeons normally wear pale green or light blue scrubs. This colour variation helps patients and other people who don’t work at the hospital identify particular specialists.

Evolution of the medical clothing market

In recent years, the medical clothing market has undergone substantial changes. Today, designers compete with each other presenting new ideas for fashionable and unique patterns and colours to the representatives of the healthcare industry. There are individual designs for every type of person so medical clothing meets the preferences and requirements of all healthcare professionals. The market offers numerous clothing item types to match the needs of their users:

Medical uniforms for women and men have been designed with maximum simplicity in mind: the number of elements where dirt may accumulate is reduced to the minimum. At the same, modern scrubs have interesting cuts and a broad variety of colour options.

The most popular scrub combination that guarantees comfort is a set of a scrub top paired with scrub trousers. Scrub trousers usually have an elastic waistband or drawstrings. This way, you can wear them comfortably no matter what your waist size is. Scrub tops are characterised by varied neckline shapes, elegant details, seams and prints. The available colour palette makes it possible to easily match scrub tops and scrub trousers for the best effect. You can also decide to buy a ready-made scrub set.

Colour, pattern and cut – a wide variety of scrub types

Apart from classic scrub trousers, scrub tops and lab coats, you can choose from really unique items: there are plenty of colours, patterns and cuts for nurses and doctors to pick from. Medical clothes come in many bright colours to prove that healthcare workers can look both professional and flamboyant.



Well-fitted jackets with an accentuated waistline, scrub skirts with zips and attractive front seams, loose and fitted dresses in vivid colours for demanding women, beautiful tunics with delicate hems – all of these prove that medical clothing can have a real feminine charm. The fitted clothes will set off your shapes without limiting your movements.


Textiles used in medical clothing

The styles and varieties of scrubs seem limitless. But how do these translate to the comfort of wearing? The manufacturers have also taken this aspect into account to meet the customers’ needs. Nowadays, medical clothes are produced of the best-quality fabrics: soft, breathable and resistant to fading and running.

Cotton is still the most popular and frequently chosen material but it’s often combined with other types of fabric. The addition of polyester or spandex in scrub sets makes them more stretchable. Flexible fabrics are very practical as they don’t restrict your movements and can effectively wick away moisture to increase your comfort. Some textile blends make medical clothing stain-resistant. In such scrubs, you can both look great and feel dry and fresh, all day.


Colourful scrubs – comfort and style combined

All healthcare professionals wear scrubs: from cardiac surgeons to dental assistants. Take your time to choose the best outfits for yourself. After all, society and patients still tend to judge healthcare professionals by the clothes they wear. Fashion may be transient, and trends come and go, but professional clothing and manners will always make a good impression.


Looking for inspiration for your medical outfits? Check out our recommendations and pick the best option for yourself.

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