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Fancy a pharmacist’s lab coat? Choose medical clothing for pharmacy employees

Fancy a pharmacist’s lab coat? Choose medical clothing for pharmacy employees

The profession of a pharmacist is extremely demanding. The long years of studying chemistry, biology and medicine are just the beginning of the challenge. When you work at a pharmacy, you need to be precise and self-organised, as well as have a good memory. What’s more, direct contact with customers means that you must be polite, communicative and empathetic. Professional look is also of importance, and its foundation is the right outfit. Check out our ideas for professional clothing for pharmacists!

Lab coats for pharmacists

The first thing that every pharmacist has to buy is a white lab coat – this garment will make you look professional and trustworthy. The selection is huge, so you can opt for a lab coat that meets all your needs. Lab coats differ in length, design and details. White lab coats look very tidy and hygienic. A consultation coat should always be clean and well-ironed. An alternative for women is a buttoned scrubs jacket or a medical tunic. You can choose to wear short or long sleeves, and the lab coat itself can be short (waist-length) or long (knee-length). There are also various forms of finishing: with a stand-up collar or a V-neck. Additionally, comfortable side or chest pockets will be great for your accessories such as pens or notebooks.

Take a look: Women’s lab coats

Take a look: Men’s lab coats

Professional look – lab coats with prints

As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. The same goes for the healthcare sector. The right clothing combined with body language determines the attitude of the person you’re talking to. That’s why it’s so important to take care of the way you look at work. To upgrade your look, you can order your medical clothing with a customised print or embroidery. Such lab coat personalisation will surely be appreciated by the customers at your pharmacy.

A pharmacist’s lab coat: what to wear it with?

For men, scrubs trousers are the perfect match. Women may choose between scrubs trousers and scrubs skirts. Both scrubs trousers and scrubs skirts come in different colours and they don’t need to be white. There are various models of scrubs trousers: with a zip, a waistband, drawstrings, straight or tapered legs and with additional pockets. You can easily adjust your choice to your preferences.

Take a look: Women’s scrubs trousers and men’s scrubs trousers

Medical shoes for pharmacists

You cannot forget about comfortable scrubs shoes. The best choices for pharmacists include classic work shoes, medical clogs or flat shoes. With this type of footwear, you will feel comfortable and your feet will be safe from occupational disorders. The available footwear has various sizes and colours.

Take a look: Women’s medical shoes and men’s medical shoes

Professional at work

A lab coat is a must-have for every pharmacist. Choose a pharmacist lab coat that will ensure your comfort, freedom of movement and professional look. Thanks to the wide range of lab coats in our online store, you can pick just the right model that meets your preferences. You can also opt for a custom print that will make all the employees at your pharmacy stand out among their colleagues from other medical facilities.

Check out all the lab coats available in our store: and .

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